Skeelr. Connecting coaches and students for success.

Created and funded by Oystr Ventures, Skeelr is an innovative platform designed to connect coaches and students, revolutionizing the way coaching and learning interactions occur. By facilitating seamless connections between expert coaches and eager learners, Skeelr provides a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth.


The concept behind Skeelr is to create a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between coaches and students. Coaches can offer their expertise and mentorship, while students can easily find and engage with professionals who match their learning needs. The platform supports various coaching fields, including academic tutoring, career guidance, and skill development, providing a versatile and accessible solution for all users.


The primary objective of Skeelr is to empower students by providing access to high-quality coaching and mentorship. By offering a user-friendly and efficient platform, Skeelr aims to enhance the learning experience, foster personal and professional growth, and create meaningful connections between coaches and students. The platform seeks to democratize access to expertise, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from personalized coaching.


Developing Skeelr presented several challenges. Integrating a wide range of coaching fields and ensuring the platform could cater to diverse learning needs required advanced technical solutions and meticulous planning. Creating a user-friendly interface that facilitated seamless interactions between coaches and students was crucial. Maintaining high standards of quality and security, while ensuring the authenticity and credibility of coaches, posed significant challenges. Additionally, achieving a balance between scalability and personalized experiences required innovative approaches.


To address these challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy. We developed a robust platform architecture that could support diverse coaching fields and user needs. Extensive user research and testing helped us design an intuitive interface that promotes easy navigation and interaction. We established stringent vetting processes to ensure the quality and credibility of coaches, and incorporated advanced security measures to protect user data and maintain trust. Machine learning algorithms were utilized to personalize recommendations and enhance the user experience, ensuring that both coaches and students could find the best matches for their needs.


Skeelr is currently in the testing phase with a select panel of coaches. Initial feedback indicates strong potential for enhancing the coaching and learning experience. Both coaches and students have expressed appreciation for the platform's convenience and effectiveness. As we continue to refine and expand the platform, we aim to establish Skeelr as a leading solution in the coaching and learning industry, making quality coaching accessible to all and transforming lives through personalized mentorship and guidance.

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