Setteo. Revolutionizing Racket Sports Connectivity.

Created and funded by Oystr Ventures, Setteo is a groundbreaking web app designed specifically for racket sports enthusiasts. It connects players universally and unisex, offering a unique platform where users can engage in challenges, matches, and earn rewards through play-to-earn features. Setteo aims to enhance the racket sports experience with advanced gamification and engagement functionalities.


Setteo's concept is to create a universal hub for racket sports players. The platform offers a unisex ranking system, allowing players to compete on equal footing regardless of gender. It facilitates seamless connections between players, organizing challenges and matches that enhance engagement and motivation. The inclusion of gamification elements, such as earning rewards through gameplay, adds an extra layer of excitement and incentive for users.


The primary objective of Setteo is to connect racket sports players globally, fostering a more inclusive and interactive community. By providing a platform that emphasizes engagement and competition, Setteo aims to make racket sports more accessible and enjoyable. The goal is to encourage participation and improve skills through a fun, gamified experience that keeps players motivated and connected.


Developing Setteo posed several challenges. Integrating a universal and unisex ranking system required careful consideration of fairness and balance. Ensuring the platform could support diverse racket sports while maintaining a seamless user experience was a significant technical challenge. Additionally, creating engaging gamification features that would keep players motivated and active required innovative design and development.


To tackle these challenges, we designed a flexible and robust platform architecture that supports various racket sports. Extensive user testing and feedback were used to develop a fair and balanced unisex ranking system. We incorporated advanced gamification elements, such as play-to-earn features, to enhance user engagement and motivation. By leveraging the latest web technologies, we ensured that Setteo offers a smooth and intuitive user experience.


Setteo is still in its testing phase with a select group of players, but early feedback has been very positive. Test users have praised the platform's ease of use, engaging features, and the way it connects players from different backgrounds. The unisex ranking system and play-to-earn features have been particularly well received, indicating strong potential for widespread adoption. As we move towards the official launch, we are confident that Setteo will revolutionize the way racket sports are played and enjoyed, making it easier for players to connect, compete, and grow together.

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